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In our company the client chooses any furnishing in different combinations and mixtures, therefore calculation of price categories is a rather conditional process. In many ways the price will depend on design. For example, the more lower modules contain drawers the higher is price. In the upper modules the horizontal position of wall cabinets also leads to rise in the cost of furniture. The furniture choice from different Italy, Germany and Austria producers will also affect the final price.

Economy class

  • In case you are indifferent to comfort, including the kitchen.
  • If you like simplicity and chastity of altruism, and the furniture for kitchen was given to the enemy together with dinner…
  • If you love ascetic abstention

Optimum class

  • If you want your mind to stay in balance and equilibrium.
  • If you have healthy optimism, zest for life without excessive dissipation.
  • If you are a Knight (Lady) of sober calculation in everything, including questions concerning furniture set or kitchen acquisition.

Premium class

  • In honor of your receiving a state, international (or at work) award.
  • If expense on kitchen furniture for you is simply pocket expenses.
  • In case you are rich and your housemaid is allowed to make coffee only in the absolutely luxurious kitchen.



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